Sybase translator (sybase)

Also see common JDBC Translators information.

The Sybase translator, known by the type name sybase, is for use with SAP ASE (Adaptive Server Enterprise), formerly known as Sybase SQL Server, version 12.5 or later.

If you use the default native import, you can avoid exceptions during the retrieval of system table information, if you specify import properties. If errors occur when retrieving table information, specify a schemaName or schemaPattern, or use excludeTables to exclude system tables. For more information about using import properties, see Importer properties in JDBC translators.

If the name in the source metadata contains quoted identifiers (such as reserved words, or words that contain characters that would not otherwise be allowed), and you are using a jConnect Sybase driver, you must first configure the connection pool to enable quoted_identifier:

Example: Driver URL with SQLINITSTRING quoted_identifier on
If you are using a jConnect Sybase driver and will target the source for dependent joins, set the JCONNECT_VERSION to 6 or later to increase the number of values that the translator can send. If you do not set the JCONNECT_VERSION, an exception occurs with statements that have more than 481 bind values.
Example: Driver URL with JCONNECT_VERSION quoted_identifier on&JCONNECT_VERSION=6
Execution properties specific to Sybase

Indicates that the open source JTDS driver is being used. Defaults to false.

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