Teiid reference

Teiid offers a highly scalable and high performance solution to information integration. By allowing integrated and enriched data to be consumed relationally, as JSON, XML, and other formats over multiple protocols. Teiid simplifies data access for developers and consuming applications.

Commercial development support, production support, and training for Teiid is available through Red Hat. Teiid is a professional open source project and a critical component of Red Hat data Integration.

Before one can delve into Teiid it is very important to learn few basic constructs of Teiid. For example, what is a virtual database? What is a model? and so forth. For more information, see the Teiid Basics.

If not otherwise specified, versions referenced in this document refer to Teiid project versions. Teiid or Teiid running on various platforms will have both platform and product-specific versioning.

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