LDAP Data Sources

LDAP data sources use a Teiid specific JCA connector which is deployed into WildFly 19.1.0 during installation. There are many ways to create the ldap data source, using CLI, admin-console etc. The example shown below uses the CLI tool, as this works in both Standalone and Domain modes.

Execute following command using CLI once you connected to the Server. Make sure you provide the correct URL and user credentials. Add any additional properties required by the connector by duplicating the "connection-definitions" command below. Edit the JNDI name to match the JNDI name you used in VDB.

/subsystem=resource-adapters/resource-adapter=ldap/connection-definitions=ldapDS:add(jndi-name=java:/ldapDS, class-name=org.teiid.resource.adapter.ldap.LDAPManagedConnectionFactory, enabled=true, use-java-context=true)

To find out all the properties that are supported by this LDAP Connector execute the following command in the CLI.

Developer’s Tip - If WildFly 19.1.0 is running in standalone mode, you can also manually edit the "<jboss-install>/standalone/configuration/standalone-teiid.xml" file and add the XML configuration defined in *"<jboss-install>/docs/teiid/datasources/ldap" directory under "resource-adapters" subsystem. Shutdown the server before you edit this file, and restart after the modifications are done.
To use an anonymous bind, set the LdapAuthType to none. When performing an anonymous bind the values for the admin user and password will be ignored.
If you experience stale connections in the pool, you should enable either the validate-on-match or the background-validation pool settings.

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