PrestoDB translator (prestodb)

Also see common JDBC translators information.

The PrestoDB translator, known by the type name prestodb, exposes querying functionality to Presto data sources - which includes both PrestoDB and PrestoSQL.


Because PrestoDB exposes a relational model, Teiid can use it as it does other RDBMS sources, such as Oracle, Db2, and so forth. For information about configuring PrestoDB, see the Presto documentation.

In SQL JOIN operations, PrestoDB does not support multiple ORDER BY columns well. If errors occur during JOIN operations that involve more than one ORDER BY column, set the translator property supportsOrderBy to disable the use of the ORDER BY clause.
Some versions of Presto generate errors when you include null values in subqueries.
Older PrestoDB versions do not support transactions. To overcome issues caused by this limitation, define the data source as non-transactional.

By default, every catalog in PrestoDB has an information_schema. If you have to configure multiple catalogs, duplicate table errors can cause deployment of a virtual database to fail. To prevent duplicate table errors, use import options to filter the schemas.

If you want to configure multiple Presto catalogs, set one of the following import options to filter the schemas and tables in the source:

  • Set catalog to a specific catalog name to match the name of the source catalog in Presto.

  • Set schemaPattern to a regular expression to include matching schemas.

  • Set excludeTables to a regular expression to exclude tables.

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