ModeShape Translator (modeshape)

Also see common JDBC Translator Information

The ModeShape Translator, known by the type name modeshape, is for use with Modeshape 2.2.1 or later.


The PATH, NAME, LOCALNODENAME, DEPTH, and SCORE functions should be accessed as pseudo-columns, e.g. "nt:base"."jcr:path".

Teiid UFDs (prefixed by JCR_) are available for CONTIANS, ISCHILDNODE, ISDESCENDENT, ISSAMENODE, REFERENCE - see the JCRFunctions.xmi. If a selector name is needed in a JCR function, you should use the pseudo-column "jcr:path", e.g. JCR_ISCHILDNODE(foo.jcr_path, 'x/y') would become ISCHILDNODE(foo, `x/y') in the ModeShape query.

An additional pseudo-column "mode:properties" should be imported by setting the ModeShape JDBC connection property teiidsupport=true. The column "mode:properties" should be used by the JCR_REFERENCE and other functions that expect a .* selector name, e.g. JCR_REFERENCE(nt_base.jcr_properties) would become REFERENCE("nt:base".*) in the ModeShape query.

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