Statement Extensions

The Teiid statement extension interface, org.teiid.jdbc.TeiidStatement, provides functionality beyond the JDBC standard. To use the extension interface, simply cast or unwap the statement returned by the Connection. The following methods are provided on the extension interface:

Table 1. Connection Properties
Method Name Description


Get the query engine annotations if the statement was last executed with SHOWPLAN ON/DEBUG. Each org.teiid.client.plan.Annotation contains a description, a category, a severity, and possibly a resolution of notes recorded during query planning that can be used to understand choices made by the query planner.


Get the debug log if the statement was last executed with SHOWPLAN DEBUG.


Get the current value of an execution property on this statement object.


Get the query plan description if the statement was last executed with SHOWPLAN ON/DEBUG. The plan is a tree made up of org.teiid.client.plan.PlanNode objects. Typically PlanNode.toString() or PlanNode.toXml() will be used to convert the plan into a textual form.


Get an identifier for the last command executed on this statement. If no command has been executed yet, null is returned.


Set the execution property on this statement. See the Execution Properties section for more information. It is generally preferable to use the SET Statement unless the execution property applies only to the statement being executed.


Set a per-command payload to pass to translators. Currently the only built-in use is for sending hints for Oracle data source.

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