Anonymous procedure block

You can execute a procedure language block as a user command. This can be an advantage in situations in which a virtual procedure does not exist, but a set of processes can be carried out on the server side. For more information about the language for defining virtual procedures, see Procedure language.

Example syntax
begin insert into pm1.g1 (e1, e2) select ?, ?; select rowcount; end;
Syntax rules
  • You can use in parameters with prepared/callable statement parameters, as shown in the preceding example, which uses ? parameter.

  • You cannot use out parameters in an anonymous procedure block. As a workaround, you can use session variables as needed.

  • Anonymous procedure blocks do not return data as output parameters.

  • A single result is returned if any of the statements returns a result set. All returnable result sets must have a matching number of columns and types. To indicate that a statement is not intended to provide a result set, use the WITHOUT RETURN clause.

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