Global temporary tables

Global temporary tables are created from the metadata that you supply to Teiid at deployment time. Unlike local temporary tables, you cannot create global temporary tables at runtime. Your global temporary tables share a common definition through a schema entry. However, a new instance of the temporary table is created in each session. The table is then dropped when the session ends. There is no explicit drop support. A common use for a global temporary table is to pass results into and out of procedures.

Creation syntax
CREATE GLOBAL TEMPORARY TABLE name (column type [NOT NULL], ... [PRIMARY KEY (column, ...)]) OPTIONS (UPDATABLE 'true')

If you use the SERIAL data type, then each session’s instance of the global temporary table will have its own sequence.

You must explicitly specify UPDATABLE if you want to update the temporary table.

For information about syntax options, see the CREATE TABLE DDL statements in DDL metadata for schema objects.

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