Data Sources

Teiid provides the means (i.e., Translators and JEE connectors) to access a variety of types of data sources.

Web Services

See Web Services Translator for access to:

  • SOAP

  • REST

  • Arbitrary HTTP(S)


OpenAPI / Swagger

See the OpenAPI and Swagger Translators


See the LDAP Translator for access to:

  • RedHat Directory Server

  • Active Directory


See the File Translator and file sources (file, hdfs, s3, and ftp) for use with:


This represents data sources that have been validated to work using the available translators and connectors. However, this does not preclude a new data source from working. It can be as easy as extending an existing translator, to creating a new translator using the Translator Development extensions.

Take a look at the list of Translators that are used as the bridge between Teiid and the external system.

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