Packaging the Adapter

Once all the required code is developed, it is time to package them into a RAR artifact, that can be deployed into a Container. A RAR artifact is similar to a WAR. To put together a RAR file it really depends upon the build system you are using.

  • Eclipse: You can start out with building Java Connector project, it will produce the RAR file

  • Ant: If you are using "ant" build tool, there is "rar" build task available

  • Maven: If you are using maven, use <packaging> element value as "rar". Teiid uses maven, you can look at any of the "connector" projects for sample "pom.xml" file. See Build Environment for an example of a pom.xml file.

Make sure that the RAR file, under its "META-INF" directory has the "ra.xml" file. If you are using maven refer to In the root of the RAR file, you can embed the JAR file containing your connector code and any dependent library JAR files.

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