Migration Guide From Teiid 12.x to 13.x

Teiid strives to maintain consistency between all versions, but when necessary breaking configuration and VDB/sql changes are made - and then typically only for major releases.

You should consult the release notes for compatibility and configuration changes from each minor version that you are upgrading over. This guide expands upon the release notes included in the kit to cover changes since 12.x.

If possible you should make your migration to Teiid 13 by first using Teiid 12.2.x. Teiid 13 requires Java 8 and WildFly 17. See also 11 to 12 Migration Guide

Configuration Changes

The salesforce translators no longer support the ModelAuditFields execution property - the import property should be used instead.

Compatibility Changes


SET NAMESPACE should no longer be used. An exception will be thrown if the a custom namepsace or prefix is defined - only built-in namespaces/prefixes are allowed. Methods and constants related to namespaces have been removed. For now SYS.PROPERTIES will present built-in keys in both the old FQN format "{http…​}key" and the new prefix format "teiid_…​:key" so that existing SQL queries will work, but the legacy format will be removed in the next major release.

Security Changes

The target of GRANT/REVOKE statements will be validated against the metadata to ensure. Previous versions allowed the target to be any string.

The default data role enforcement will now check the strict hierarchy of a schema object, rather than every potential name part. In previous versions a table with a name containing "." such as "long.table.name" could have resulted in checks against permissions specified against the partial table names "long.table" and "long" as well. Now the will be a check only against the full table name, and then the schema.

The PolicyDecider was changed to reference the metadata objects rather than just strings. Any custom implementation will need to updated accordingly.

Kitting/Build Changes

The teiid-admin module/jar has been combined with teiid-api. Any references in custom development to teiid-admin should be replaces with teiid-api.

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