PrestoDB Translator (prestodb)

Also see common JDBC Translator Information

The PrestoDB translator, known by the type name prestodb, exposes querying functionality to PrestoDB Data Sources. In data integration respect, PrestoDB has very similar capabilities of Teiid, however it goes beyond in terms of distributed query execution with multiple worker nodes. Teiid’s execution model is limited to single execution node and focuses more on pushing the query down to sources. Currently Teiid has much more complete query support and many enterprise features.


The PrestoDB translator supports only SELECT statements with a restrictive set of capabilities. This translator is developed with 0.85 version of PrestoDB and capabilities are designed for this version. With new versions of PrestoDB Teiid will adjust the capabilities of this translator. Since PrestoDB exposes a relational model, the usage of this is no different than any RDBMS source like Oracle, DB2 etc. For configuring the PrestoDB consult the PrestoDB documentation.

PrestoDB not support multiple columns in the ORDER BY with in JOIN situations well, the translator property supportsOrderBy can use to disable Order by in some specific situations.
Some versions of PrestoDB not support null as valid values in subquery well, to check the PrestoDB whether support null as valid values in subquery if you hit releated error.
PrestoDB not support transaction, define a no-tx-datasource is recommend.
Every catalogs in PrestoDB has a information_schema schema by default, If configure multiple catalogs, it should be consider to use import options to filter the schemas/tables, to avoid Duplicate Table error cause VDB deploy failed. For instance, set catalog to a specific catalog name to match the catalog name as it is stored in the prestodb, set schemaName to a single schema, or set excludeTables to a regular expression to filter tables by matching result.
PrestoDB JDBC driver uses Joda-Time library to work with time/date/timestamp. If you need to customize server’s time zone (e.g. setting -Duser.timezone via JAVA_OPTS), you cannot use GMT/…​ ID as Joda-Time does not regonize it. However, you can use equivalent Etc/…​ ID. For more details see Joda-Time timezones.

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