DDL Metadata for Domains

Domains are simple type declarations that define a set of valid values for a given type name. They can be created at the database level only.

The DDL for domains is common to both XML and DDL VDBs. However in an XML vdb domains must be defined in a VDB property "domain-ddl".

Create Domain

CREATE DOMAIN <Domain name> [ AS ] <data type>
     [ [NOT] NULL ]

The domain name may any non-keyword identifier.

See the BNF for Data Types

Once a domain is defined it may be referenced as the data type for a column, parameter, etc.

DDL VDB Example


SET SCHEMA viewLayer;
CREATE VIEW v1 (col1 mychar) as select 'value';

XML VDB Example

<vdb name="Portfolio" version="1">

    <property name="domain-ddl" value="CREATE DOMAIN ssn AS VARCHAR(9); CREATE DOMAIN myint AS integer not null;" />

When the system metadata is queried the type for the column will be shown as the domain name.


Domain names are not yet recognized in every place that a data type is expected, such as in:

  • create temp table

  • execute immediate

  • arraytable

  • objecttable

  • texttable

  • xmltable

The ODBC/pg metadata will show the base type name, rather than the domain name when querying pg_attribute.

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