Teiid 13.1.0 Release Notes


  • TEIID-5874 added support for transactional Infinispan/JDG access. Support for cache aliasing was removed.

  • TEIID-5896 added support for EXTRACT QUARTER and EPOCH.

  • TEIID-5798 added the POLICY construct to replace specifying a CONDITION on a permission.

Compatibility Issues

  • Support for named parameter syntax using param=value has been deprecated, since it is ambiguous with a comparison predicate boolean value expression. paramvalue should be used instead.

  • decodeinteger/decodestring have been deprecated. A CASE expression should be used instead.

  • TEIID-3159 The SAP Netweaver Gateway translator (sap-nw-gateway) has been renamed to just SAP Gateway (sap-gateway). Usage of sap-nw-gateway is deprecated.

  • TEIID-4205 By default, the wrapping begin/commit of a UseDeclareFetch cursor will be ignored as Teiid does not require a transaction. Set the org.teiid.honorDeclareFetchTxn system property to false to revert to the old behavior which honored the transaction.

  • TEIID-4240 The usage of ; delimited statements for materialization scripts has been deprecated. An anonymous procedure block should be used instead if multiple statements are needed.

  • TEIID-4228 Precision and scale values greater than 32767 are deprecated.

  • TEIID-4228 Not using a semicolon delimiter between statements is deprecated and should only be relied on for backwards compatibility.

  • TEIID-4731 The default authentication scheme for MongoDB resource adapter has been changed to SCRAM_SHA_1 to match with latest versions of MongoDB. If using MongoDB version less than 3.0, to restore previous functionality change/add SecurityType to 'None' in the resource adapter configuration.

  • TEIID-5511 The AdminShell kit has been removed. No further releases are planned.

  • TEIID-5833 The use of SET NAMESPACE to define a custom prefix or namespace is no longer allowed. Please remove this statement from your DDL and simply use a consistent property key.

from 13.0

  • TEIID-5798 specifying a condition on a table permission is now deprecated. Use CREATE POLICY instead.

from 12.3

  • TEIID-5819 References to any Teiid *-swagger artifact should use openapi in both the artifact name and group instead.

  • TEIID-1323 The protected method SQLConverstion.generateSqlForStoredProcedure is now expected to append directly to the working buffer.

  • TEIID-5565 The Teiid Java client now requires Java 8 and above.

  • TEIID-5557 The default for the JDBC importer useFullSchemaName is now false. It is generally expected to import from only a single foreign schema. Set useFullSchemaName to true to preserve the legacy behavior. There is also an env/system property org.teiid.translator.jdbc.useFullSchemaNameDefault that can be used to preserve the legacy behavior.

  • TEIID-5840 TEIID-5841 Grant / revoke targets are now resolved at deployment time and will be checked in a more strict manner. See the migration guide and/or the issues for more. The PolicyDecider was changed to reference the metadata objects rather than just strings.

  • TEIID-5849 The admin and api modules/jars have been merged. Only teiid-api should be used moving forward.

  • TEIID-5857 The salesforce translators no longer support the ModelAuditFields execution property - the import property should be used instead.

from 12.2

  • TEIID-5742 The SecurityHelper interface has been simplified, instead of getSecurityContext() and getSubjectInContext(String), there is now just getSecurityContext(String)

  • TEIID-5759 GRANT CONDITION syntax behavior did not match with XML VDBs and was updated to match - you must now explicitly use NOT CONSTRAINT to declare that the condition is not a constraint. If you still want the older behavior set the property org.teiid.conditionConstraintDefault to false.

  • TEIID-5759 The odata4 openapi.json metadata url now returns v2 metadata by default. Please use /openapi.json?version=3 to get the v3 metadata.

  • TEIID-5757 The teiid-security security domain is configured by default to provide the odata role, so that it does not have to be explicitly granted for odata access. If you wish to keep that requirement, then remove the Identity login module from the teiid-security security domain.

  • TEIID-5729 The mapping of some procedures to OData functions will require explicitly setting the UPDATECOUNT option - CREATE VIRTUAL PROCEDURE …​ OPTIONS (UPDATECOUNT 0) AS BEGIN …​

from 12.0

  • TEIID-5640 Access to system schema over OData has been disabled. If you need access to SYS, SYSADMIN, or pg_catalog, consider adding an appropriate view or procedure.

  • TEIID-5647 The information_schema schema name is now reserved for future internal use. If you do need to use this name for now, you can set the property org.teiid.allow_information_schema=true

from 11.2

  • TEIID-5476 JGroups was removed as a direct dependency of the runtime and the associated property removed from the EmbeddedConfiguration. If you need clustering support with embedded, please raise an issue.

  • TEIID-5563 All wildfly specific maven subprojects - including the resource adapter connector-x artifacts - were moved under the org.teiid.wildfly group id. See the Admin Guide for more migration information.

  • TEIID-5596 The usage of infinispan caching with Teiid Embedded now requires a dependency to org.teiid:cache-infinispan.

from 11.1

  • TEIID-5506 Removed the option to specify domain qualified logins.

from 11.0

  • TEIID-5411 Pluggable server discovery has been removed as a client feature. The client will focus on better integration with existing load-balancing paradigms instead.

  • TEIID-5415 The JDBC client load-balancing feature has been removed. The client will no longer pool instances nor issue a ping. If you use the client against a server older than 10.2, ping will need to be disabled on that server.

  • TEIID-5427 Session/user scoping of materialized views has been removed. You should use a global temporary table instead and load it as needed for your session.

from 10.3

  • TEIID-5365 Function model support has been completely removed from the server. VDBs utilizing function models should be migrated to having those functions located on physical or virtual models.

  • TEIID-5083 The salesforce translator and resource adapter now provide 34.0 api access rather than 22.0.

  • TEIID-5370 A warning rather than an exception will be generated when the HEADER option is specified for a TEXTTABLE, but the header/column does not exist in the file.

  • TEIID-5360 JDBC DatabaseMetaData will no longer by default report nullsAreSortedLow as true since that behavior in not guaranteed and can be adjusted on the server side. If you need a particular value reported, use the connection property nullsAreSorted=\{AtStart,AtEnd,High,Low}

from 10.2

  • TEIID-5294 The name escaping performed by the SQL/XML logic and JSONTOXML function did not properly escape values. Instead of uHHHH, xHHHH should have been used. That correction has been made. If you want the old behavior set the system property org.teiid.useXMLxEscape to false.

from 10.1

  • TEIID-5286 The Sybase IQ translator has been renamed sap-iq and the usage of the SybaseIQExecutionFactory and the sybaseiq translator name has been deprecated.

  • TEIID-5262 Removed support for Teiid 7.x clients/servers

  • TEIID-5220 The pg_catalog now has information_schema.tables, views, and columns, which require qualification to reference the tables, views, or columns system tables.

from 10.0

  • TEIID-5177 Stricter naming is now enforced in DDL. Only unqualified identifiers are expected as names. Set the system property org.teiid.requireUnqualifiedNames=false to restore the older behavior.

  • TEIID-5201 The SYS.Keys table had SchemaUID and RefSchemaUID columns added.

from 9.x

  • TEIID-4894 The XML document model feature has been removed. You must use OData or SQL/XML to create XML documents.

  • TEIID-4924 Maven coordinates for Teiid artifacts have changed. They will now be pushed directly to Maven Central and will use the org.teiid group instead of org.jboss.teiid.

  • TEIID-5026 The FROM_UNIXTIME function now returns a string rather than a timestamp value and no longer is rewritten to the timestampadd function. The functionality now matches that of HIVE/IMPALA. See also the to_millis and from_millis functions.

  • TEIID-5012 A Description column was added to SYS.VirtualDatabases.

  • TEIID-4943 Copy criteria created from a join will typically only be pushed when the join is not pushed.

  • TEIID-5112 Type length specified in DDL or SQL must be greater than 0. Char type length must only be 1.

  • TEIID-5130 Procedure RESULT parameters must appear as the first parameter in the argument list. To allow the old behavior of appearing anywhere, set the system property org.teiid.resultAnyPosition=true.

  • TEIID-3624 The introduction of domain types modified several of the system tables. The isPhysical column was removed from the SYS.Datatypes table. SYS.Datatypes added Type, TypeCode, Literal_Prefix, and Literal_Suffix columns. The SYS.Columns, SYS.ProcedureParams, and SYS.FunctionParams tables added TypeName, TypeCode, and ColumnSize columns.

  • TEIID-4827 Java 1.8 is now required for building and running Teiid.

  • TEIID-4890 The ProcedureParameters system table will report return parameters as position 0.

  • TEIID-4866 For usability with SQLAlchemy and Superset the version() function over ODBC will report ""PostgreSQL 8.2" rather than "Teiid version". You can use the system property org.teiid.pgVersion to control this further.

  • TEIID-4574 Phoenix/Hbase Translator has been renamed phoenix and the usage of the HBaseExecutionFactory and the hbase translator name has been deprecated.

  • TEIID-4501 The salesforce-34 resource adapter defaults to the version 34 api rather than version 22 api.

  • TEIID-3754 OData Version 2 support is removed. Please use OData V4. Note that there are many changes in specification with V4 vs V2.

  • TEIID-4400 XML Document Models have been deprecated. OData or SQL/XML should be used instead.

  • TEIID-4317 ExecutionFactory.initCapabilities will always be called - either during start if isSourceRequiredForCapabilities returns false, or later if true.

  • TEIID-4346 The excel-odbc translator has been removed. Please use the excel translator instead.

  • TEIID-4332 Due to costing logic changes plans may be different that in previous releases. Please raise an issue is you feel a plan is not appropriate.

  • TEIID-4421 Removed the deprecated EmbeddedServer.addTranslator(ExecutionFactory) method.

  • TEIID-4442 Removed the interpretation of the security-domain setting for the session service as a comma separated list of domains. Also added the USER(boolean) function to control if the USER function returns a name with the security domain. Finally the DatabaseMetaData and CommandContext getUserName will both return the simple user name without the domain.

  • TEIID-4228 Precision/scale will now be set consistently. Values reported from JDBC/OData/ODBC metadata may be different if your current metadata declares a bigdecimal type with default precision.

  • TEIID-4423 Uncorrelated subqueries will be treated as deterministic regardless of functions used within them. Prior releases treated most uncorrelated subqueries as non-deterministic if they contained a non-deterministic function.

from 8.x

  • TEIID-2694 In the autogenerated web service, if a procedure is designed for POST method, and one of its IN/INOUT parameters is either a LOB or VARBINARY then that service can only invoked using "multipart/form-data". This allows user to send large binary files for processing in Teiid

  • TEIID-3462 Semantic versioning requires the VDB version to be a string, rather than an integer field. This affects several public classes including CommandLogMessage, VDB, Session, EventListener, VDBImport, ExecutionContext, and MetadataRepository. Any custom command logging or materialization status tables will need the version field updated as well.

  • TEIID-4147 ODBC type handling will now report the type name as the PostgreSQL type rather than the Teiid type.

  • TEIID-3601 changed the rowCount field on CommandLogMessages from Integer to Long.

  • TEIID-3752 the admin assignToModel method was removed

  • TEIID-3684 RoleBasedCredentialMapIdentityLoginModule removed, consider using alternative login modules with roles to restrict access to VDB

  • TEIID-2476 The AuthorizationValidator and PolicyDecider interfaces had minor changes - see their javadocs for new/altered methods

  • TEIID-3503 To better isolate dependencies a separate teiid-jboss-admin jar was created from classes in teiid-admin - most notably AdminFactory was moved there.

  • TEIID-4206 TranslatorProperty annotations on methods without setters must have the readOnly attribute as true.

  • TEIID-3814 In the autogenerated web service, the model name in the path is now case sensitive.

  • TEIID-2267 The custom appenders for command and audit logging has been changed, now they need to be developed for java.util.logging based Handler.

  • TEIID-3553 Ambiguous OData v2 entity set and function names will throw an exception rather than resolving to the first found.

  • TEIID-3515 MAKEIND was added as a reserved word.

  • TEIID-3576 the waitForLoad connection property has been deprecated.

  • TEIID-2813 a source end event will be sent to the command log when an error occurs rather than being omitted.

  • TEIID-3736 string literals values matching the date format can be directly resolved as timestamps.

  • TEIID-3727 The version 22 salesforce translator and resource adapter have been deprecated.

  • TEIID-3380/https://issues.redhat.com/browse/TEIID-3663[TEIID-3663] The SecurityHelper interface has changed to allow for easier control over GSS authentication

  • TEIID-3372 DDL and DDL-FILE metadata repositories have deprecating using the respective ddl and ddl-file model properties.

  • TEIID-3390 temporary lobs are now cleaned up when the result set is closed - even for local connections.

  • TEIID-3210 Added supportsCompareCriteriaOrderedExclusive, which defaults to supportsCompareCriteriaOrdered, to specifically support < and > pushdown.

  • TEIID-3282 Changed the WEEK function to compute the ISO 8601 by default (org.teiid.iso8601Week=true) and ensured pushdowns do the same. Changed the dayOfWeek function to be unaffected by the iso8601Week setting.

  • TEIID-2904 The createMetadataProcessor method on JDBCExcutionFactory has been deprecated. Use getMetadataProcessor instead.

  • TEIID-2793 Searchability metadata will not prevent more complicated expressions from being pushed down.

  • TEIID-2794 Schema scoped functions are checked for ambiguity. Schema qualification may be needed to resolve properly.

  • TEIID-2840 Internal materialized view ttl refresh is now blocking by default. To keep the old behavior of lazy invalidation, use the vdb property lazy-invalidation=true

  • TEIID-2667 The jdbc importer importKeys parameter is now correctly defaulted to true.

  • TEIID-2737 The 'native' procedure exposed by translators has been renames as the direct query feature. The related ExecutionFactory methods supportsNativeQueries and nativeQueryProcedure name have been deprecated and replaced with supportsDirectQueryProcedure and directQueryProcedureName.

  • TEIID-2580 Both xpathValue and XMLTABLE will return null when retrieving the value for a single element marked with xis:nil="true".

  • TEIID-2590 Both the source specific and the general hint if present will be included as the source hint for Oracle.

  • TEIID-2603 TableStats and ColumnStats numeric values are held as Number, rather than Integer.

  • TEIID-2613 The rowcount is reset to 0 after a non-update command statement is issued.

  • TEIID-2422 using calendar based timestampdiff by default. See the Admin Guide for using the org.teiid.calendarTimestampDiff to control backwards compatibility.

  • TEIID-2477 Most of the JDBC translator static String version constants were replaced by org.teiid.translator.jdbc.Version constants. Use the .toString() method to obtain a version string if needed.

  • TEIID-2344 non-available JDBC sources in partial results mode or source with connection factories that require an ExecutionContext to obtain a connection will require manual setting of the database version metadata property. The affected sources are: db2, derby, oracle, postgresql, sqlserver, sybase, teiid

  • TEIID-2444 The deployment platform for Teiid has been changed to EAP 6.1.Alpha1, older or non-EAP deployments are not supported.

  • TEIID-2429 Sorts over data sets over a single batch are not guaranteed to be sorted in a stable manor to improve performance. The sort will still be correct with respect to the sort keys.

  • TEIID-1979 The resource adaptors are now deployed through modules, and have shorter names as identifiers. Connection Factories created with previous versions must be re-configured.

  • TEIID-2253 the multi-source implementation logic was significantly altered the following changes were introduced.

    • If not auto-populated, the multi-source column acts as a pseudo-column and will not be selectable via a wildcard SELECT \* nor tbl.\*

    • Multi-source inserts must specify a single source as their target.

    • The join planning behavior in multi-source mode was not consistent and did not work in all situations. To ensure consistency multi-source tables being joined together should specify a join predicate on the source name column - i.e. tbl1.source_name = tbl2.source_name. For backwards compatibility a the system property org.teiid.implicitMultiSourceJoin was introduced to control whether multi-source joins are effectively partitioned by source without a source_name predicate. The property defaults to true, the pre 8.3 behavior - but should be switched to false for later versions unless the issues with implicit join planning are addressed.

  • TEIID-2317 byte[] char[] and java.util.Date instances returned as object values will be left in tact and not automatically converted to BinaryType, ClobType, and Timestamp respectively. The values may still be cast to those types.

  • TEIID-2149 the subqueryUnnestDefault property no longer influences cost based decisions to treat subqueries as merge joins. In nearly all circumstances this is desirable, but may require the use of nounnest hint to prevent forming the join if desired.

  • TEIID-2166 array_get will return null if the index is out of bounds rather than raising an error.

  • TEIID-2175 for 8.0 and 8.1 clients the server will check if serialized date/time values fall outside of 32-bit value ranges (year 1900 - 9999 for dates and times between years 1901 and 2038) and throw an exception. The previous behavior was to truncate. The exception and the use of 32 bit serialization can be avoided by setting the system property org.teiid.longDatesTimes to true.

  • TEIID-2184 to be consistent with the rest of Teiid’s logic the system functions dayName and monthName will return values from the default locale, rather than only the English names. Use the system property org.teiid.enDateNames true to revert to the pre-8.2 behavior.

  • TEIID-2187 the CONSTRAINT keyword is not correctly used in table DDL. It should be replaced with a comma from scripts to be compatible with 8.2. If desired, 8.2 now supports the CONSTRAINT keyword to provide a name for each constraint.

  • TEIID-2181 system tables no longer contain valid OIDs. That responsibility has moved to the pg_catalog.

  • TEIID-1386 the SQLState and errorCode reported by a TeiidSQLException will typically be from the top level nested SQLException. If there is also a nested TeiidException, the TeiidSQLException.teiidCode will be set to the TeiidException.getCode value and the TeiidSQLException.errorCode will be set to the integer suffix of the teiidCode if possible.

  • TEIID-2226 All statements that return result sets that are executed as command statements in a procedure are validated against the expected resultset columns of the procedure. If the statement is not intended to be returnable, WITHOUT RETURN can be added to the end of the statement.

  • TEIID-2235 The MetadataRepository.setNext method was removed and MetadataRepository was converted to an abstract class rather than an interface. Also if an instance of a DefaultMetadataRepository is used, it will only affect metadata already loaded in the repository chain.

  • TEIID-2237 teiid_ is a reserved DDL namespace prefix and the MetadataFactory class no longer throws TranslatorExceptions, instead the unchecked MetadataException is thrown.

  • TEIID-2243 by default Teiid will not pushdown the default null sort order of nulls low when no null sort order is specified. Set the system property org.teiid.pushdownDefaultNullOrder to true mimic the 8.1 and older release behavior.

  • org.teiid.metadata.Schema holds FunctionMethods by uuid rather than name to accommodate overridden method signatures.

  • MetadataFactory no longer extends Schema. Use the MetadataFactory.getSchema method to get the target Schema.

  • DDL created VIRTUAL pushdown functions should be referenced in the ExecutionFactory.getSupportedFunctions by their full schema.function name.

  • DDL functions/procedures defined without the VIRTUAL keyword are by default VIRTUAL. Use the FOREIGN keyword to indicate that they are source specific.

  • FunctionMethod.getFullName returns the proper schema, not category qualified name.

  • VDB.getUrl has been removed.

  • VDB.Status now has four states - LOADING, ACTIVE, FAILED, REMOVED. To check for validity use the isValid method, rather than checking for the VALID state. FAILED deployments will still be accessible via the admin getVDB methods.

  • The standalone and cli configuration files specify a setting for the teiid subsystem policy-decider-module. If a module is not specified, then data roles will not be checked.

  • local connections specifying a VDB version will wait for their VDB to finish loading before allowing a connection, see the waitForLoad connection property for more.

  • jsonToXml document elements will contain xsi:type attribute values of decimal and boolean respectively for number and boolean json values to allow for differentiation from string values.

  • Result set cache entries can now have updatable set to false to indicate that updates should not purge the entry.

  • Datatype default values have been corrected for Teiid built-in types. All datatypes are now nullable by default, only character string types are case sensitive, numeric types have radix 10, and length/precision/scale have been set appropriately.

  • pg catalog and dynamic vdb created metadata will use a generated Teiid id rather than a random UUID.

  • transport ssl config no longer uses the enabled attribute. Use mode=disabled to disable the usage of encryption.

  • TEIID-2105 If a MetadataRepository throws a RuntimeException during load, that will be treated as a non-recoverable error and the VDB will have a FAILED status.

  • TEIID-2105 It was an undocumented behavior that is a source did not specify a jndi connection that "java:/name" would be assumed. That is no longer the case. It the source needs a connection, then one must be specified.

  • TEIID-2127 if ExecutionFactory.isSourceRequired returns true (the default) then not obtaining a connection will for an Execution will result in an error. If an ExecutionFactory does not use a source, then no connection-jndi-name should be specified and isSourceRequired should return false (see setSourceRequired). If isSourceRequired returns false and a connection-jndi-name is specified, then Teiid will still attempt to obtain a connection, but no exception will be thrown if a connection isn’t available.

  • TEIID-2138 the odbc layer will report standard_conforming_strings as on, rather than off to better reflect the string literal handling of Teiid.

Configuration Issues

See the Admin Guide for more on configuration and installation.

from 12.0

  • TEIID-5642 The generic sql query procedure for generated REST wars will not be exposed by default. The schema/model must have the property \{http://teiid.org/rest}sqlquery set to true.

from 11.2

  • TEIID-5584 org.teiid.enforceSingleMaxBufferSizeEstimate now defaults to false. Rather the biggest memory consumers among sessions will be killed by default in the event of running out of disk space.

  • TEIID-5490 org.teiid.longRanks now defaults to true. Analytical functions such as row_number return a long by default.

  • TEIID-5574 the cli buffer-service properties have been deprecated and replaced with buffer-manager properties - see the migration guide for more

from 10.3

  • TEIIDTOOLS-381 the default max buffer space for Teiid embedded and derived runtimes (Thorntail/Spring Boot) is 5 gigabytes, rather than 50. For the full WildFly environment the default is still 50 gigabytes (51200 megabytes), via the stanadlone-teiid buffer-service max-buffer-space attribute.

from 10.2

  • TEIID-5323 User query command log entries are now logged at the DEBUG level on the org.teiid.COMMAND_LOG context. Source events are logged on the org.teiid.COMMAND_LOG.SOURCE context at the DEBUG level. This allows command logging of just the user query events by setting the logging level to DEBUG for the overall context, but INFO or higher for the SOURCE child context. The level will default to WARN in the standard install or to DEBUG when running the auditcommand scripts.

from 10.1

  • TEIID-5248 v4 Api Support modified the properties for the Google Resource Adapter. The Key property was removed - use SpreadsheetId instead. The AuthMethod property was removed as well.

  • TEIID-5268 Anonymous authentication requires setting the LdapAuthType property to none on the LDAP Resource Adapter.

from 9.x

  • TEIID-4820 The JDG specific connectivity is being separated from the main community project. It will be made available separately and as part of the product.

  • TEIID-4858 The Hive translator now has order by support turned off by default.

  • TEIID-4533 The default for the max-staleness of the resultset cache was changed from 60 seconds to 0 seconds. You may use the cli to alter this new default if necessary.

  • TEIID-4707 The PrestoDB driver is no longer pre-installed. This allows for newer client versions to be used as needed. The documentation has been updated to reflect this as well.

  • TEIID-4129 in order to prevent invalid results from a sort/merge join, the sort operation will undergo additional checks. If org.teiid.assumeMatchingCollation is false (the default) and a translator does not specify a collationLocale, then the sort for a sort/merge join will not be pushed. Teiid defaults to the Java UCS-2 collation, which may not match the default collation for sources, particular tables, or columns. You may set the system property org.teiid.assumeMatchingCollation true to restore the old default behavior or selectively update the translators to report a collationLocale matching org.teiid.collationLocale (UCS-2 if unset).

from 8.x

  • TEIID-2754 view are reported as VIEW table type in the metadata. Use the connection property reportAsViews=false to restore the old behavior.

  • TEIID-3753 org.teiid.widenComparisonToString now defaults to false.

  • TEIID-3669 there is now a single session service. Common configuration properties need to be consolidated. With TEIID-3790 this also means that you may want to change the default of trust-all-local to false to restrict local pass-through connections. Also the VDB REST passthrough-auth property is no longer used.

  • TEIID-3797 the embedded transport is now known as the local transport.

  • TEIID-3859 the "native" 9999 management port is no longer used. AdminShell will default to the http 9990 management port instead.

  • TEIID-3594 User query command log entries are now logged at the INFO level on the org.teiid.COMMAND_LOG context. This allows command logging of just the user query events by setting the logging level to INFO. The level will default to WARN in the standard install or to DEBUG when running the auditcommand scripts.

  • TEIID-3192 The CXF config is no longer a valid option for the Salesforce resource adapter. Please log an issue if there is feature from the CXF config that you were using that is not present on the new resource adapter.

  • TEIID-3177 ODBC connections will be required to be secure based upon the SSL mode setting. If the mode is enabled, then the client must request an SSL connection. If the mode is login, then the client must use GSS authentication. To revert to the prior behavior, the system property org.teiid.ODBCRequireSecure can be set to false.

  • TEIID-2512 the usage of the metadata element text as the "raw schema text" may not be appropriate in all situations. The ddl and ddl-file metadata repositories will check for the ddl and ddl-file model properties respectively.

  • TEIID-2707 the org.teiid.joinPrefetchBatches property is no longer used.

  • TEIID-2429 the default for maxProcessingKb has effectively doubled (the old default would use approaximately 4MB), while the maxReserveKb default has been reduced to 70% of the memory past the first gigabyte instead of 75%.

  • TEIID-2445 the UseConnectorMetadata and supports-multi-source-bindings properties have been deprecated, but will still be respected if present. There is no equavalent to UserConnectorMetadata=true as it is always implied. UseConnectorMetadata=false has been replaced by cache-metadata=false, which can be placed at either the vdb or model level. supports-multi-source-bindings has been replaced by multisource, which no longer needs to be specified if more than one source is configured.

  • TEIID-2510 the time-slice-in-millseconds has been corrected to be time-slice-in-milliseconds

  • The connector batch size setting is no longer used. Instead a fetch size will be sent to the translator that is 2 times the working batch size or the non-pushed limit, whichever is less.

  • The file translator now defaults to exceptionIfFileNotFound=true, you can set the translator property to false to preserve the old behavior of returning null.

  • TEIID-2086 TEIID-2168 prepared plan and result set caches are now configured as infinispan caches. See the teiid cache container in the configuration. You may also control the transactional aspects of the result set cache on the resultset and resultset-repl caches via the configuration.

  • TEIID-1241 the web services connector property ConfigName was deprecated in favor of EndPointName. There were also ServiceName, NamespaceUri, and Wsdl properties added, which are used to point the

  • teiid-security-users and teiid-security-roles properties files have been moved under the configuration directory of their respective deployment.

Other Issues

  • TEIID-5687 - Querying NCHAR values in Oracle using prepared statements and unicode values will result in the value being converted to extended ascii instead.

  • TEIID-1281 - Negative start indexing is not supported by DB2 and Derby databases. Usage of the Teiid SUBSTRING against these sources should not use negative start values.

  • TEIID-1008 - Most versions of Oracle and MySQL do not support deeply nested correlated references. There is currently no workaround for this issue.

  • For compatibility with the 7.0 release if a stored procedure parameter list begins with identifier=, then it will be parsed as a named parameter invocation even if the intent was to use a comparison predicate as the first parameter value. The workaround is to use nesting parens, e.g. call proc((identifier=value), …​), which clarifies that this is positional value. This workaround will not be needed in later releases.

  • TEIID-586 - Salesforce LIKE pushdown is case insensitive, while LIKE evaluated by Teiid is case sensitive unless an alternative collation is used. Care should be taken to ensure consistent results if mixed case values are being searched.

  • TEIID-2836 - Data from DB2 on z/OS in EBCDIC may not be represented correctly at runtime. It is recommended that the values are converted to ASCII or another common character set.

  • TEIID-2998 - Google spreadsheets containing all string data do not detect their row data and labels correctly on the Google backend.

  • TEIID-3070 - Netty threads may inappropriately take up CPU resources. This affects most EAP releases. Upgrade the AS version of Netty to 3.6.10.Final to address this issue.

  • TEIID-3289 - The timestamp to string conversion performed in MySQL will produce a string with all of the trailing zeros (up to 6) for the fractional seconds. This differs from the expected Teiid/Java format.

  • TEIID-2836 - Data from DB2 on z/OS in EBCDIC may not be represented correctly at runtime. It is recommended that the values are converted to ASCII or another common character set.

  • TEIID-2998 - Google spreadsheets containing all string data do not detect their row data and labels correctly on the Google backend.

  • TEIID-3070 - Netty threads may inappropriately take up CPU resources. This affects most EAP releases. Upgrade the AS version of Netty to 3.6.10.Final to address this issue.

  • TEIID-3289 - The timestamp to string conversion performed in MySQL will produce a string with all of the trailing zeros (up to 6) for the fractional seconds. This differs from the expected Teiid/Java format.

  • TEIID-3779 - There are a host of Phoenix issues that Teiid is currently not working around for HBase access. If you hit any of these, please let us know so that we can work with the Phoenix community to get it resolved. Generally Phoenix has issues with subquery evaluation and certain datatypes, such as char and timestamp.

    • TEIID-3772 TEIID-3769 TEIID-3766 are not likely to occur and generate an exception.

    • TEIID-3774 is unlikely but can return inaccurate results.

    • TEIID-3768 affects correlated subquery comparison using an aggregate of a char value and can return inaccurate results.

  • TEIID-3808 - The Informix driver handling of timezone information is inconsistent - even if the databaseTimezone translator property is set. Consider ensuring that the Informix server and the application server are in the same timezone.

  • TEIID-3805 - SAP Hana returns an empty string rather than null for the substring function when the from index is larger than the string length.

  • TEIID-3816 - Informix can return incorrect results for subquery comparisons involving a boolean value and a subquery that has only a single row. If you encounter such a scenario and need Teiid to compensate, then please open an issue.

Thirdparty Library Updates

The following components have been updated:

From 12.3

  • The infinispan-hotrod translator/resource adapter were updated to Infinispan 10.0.1.

  • Olingo was upgraded to 4.7

From 12.1

  • The salesforce-41 translator/resource adapter were updated to the 45.1.0 jars.

  • Olingo was upgraded to 4.6

From 12.0

  • Apache POI for the excel translator was upgraded to 3.13.

  • Accumulo core and related dependencies were updated to 1.9.2.

  • The mongodb driver was upgraded to 3.9.1.

  • jts and related were updated to 1.16.0

From 11.0

  • The cassandra driver and associated dependencies were upgraded to 3.5.1.

From 10.1

  • Saxon was upgraded to 9.8.0-7.

  • The MongoDB client was upgraded to 3.6.3

From 10.0

  • The Swagger libraries were updated to version 1.5.17, and the swagger-parser was upgraded to version 1.0.33.

Documentation and Help

The Teiid community project is hosted on jboss.org. Documentation and help may be obtained from the local distribution under teiid-docs or the following locations.


Teiid is primarily licensed under the Apache Software License 2.0. Individual jars built for Teiid are also licensed under the EPL, MPL, and the PostgreSQL-BSD licenses as per the needs of their originating source. See the license directory in the distribution for full license copies. Third-party jars retain their original licensing.

About Red Hat

Red Hat, is in the business of providing superior technical support to our customers. Our goal is to make Professional Open Source™ the SAFE CHOICE for you. We accomplish this by backing up our open source Java products with technical support services that are delivered by the core developers themselves. We can help you to train your staff and provide you with support at every stage of the application lifecycle - from development and integration through deployment and maintenance. Visit the JBoss Services page for more information.

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