GSOC Wrap-up

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GSOC 2020 has ended, let’s recap

Thanks again to Aditya for all of his hard work. Here’s Aditya’s blog post on his experience.

In Teiid 15 you can already use the HDFS and S3 file sources he contributed. They provide a simple way to access those storage systems and integrate with translators, such as file or excel.

Of course those efforts were just preliminary work towards his Parquet translator - which can also consume file sources. In the latest snapshots or with Teiid 16 the Parquet translator is available to quickly integrate read-only access to parquet files without the need to introduce a separate processing system. See the implementation in github. Aditya has indicated he would still like to contribute the Parquet metadata importer logic, which of course would be fantastic.

It works as expected in the WildFly distributions, but is not available in Teiid Spring Boot. Formal documentation is also in the works - which will be necessary until there is an importer in place.


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