Enhanced source support in Teiid 15

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Teiid 15 is refining S3 support and adding direct support for HDFS.

Thanks in large part to our GSOC intern Aditya Manglam Sharma Teiid 15 will be sporting direct support for HDFS files. The compliments our other HDFS support through Apache Phoenix, Hive, Impala, Presto, and others. If you only need light-weight integration you can now directly get files and use Teiid processing such as TEXTTABLE, JSONTABLE, etc. without relying on another system for access.

You will also have better support for all S3 implementations via a new S3 file source built on the amazon sdk. In Teiid WildFly this means that all of the connection details can now be specified on the resource adapter, not the translator, and the source can be used in places where a file source is expected. This includes putting S3 access under the file and excel translators.

This functionality is of course available in Teiid Spring Boot as well.

To wrap up his Google Summer of Code Aditya will see if we can bring direct support for parquet and avro files into Teiid. Similar to the HDFS effort this will allow for some light-weight integration scenarios to be handled by just Teiid - without the need to bring another solution into the picture.

Aditya also introduced us to Mudit Jain who has started working on bringing SimpleDB functionality to Teiid Spring Boot.

Since we’ll probably be releasing Teiid 15 in about 4 weeks the parquet/avro support may not be in that release, but there will still be around total 30-40 issues addressed along with these efforts in the corresponding Teiid Spring Boot release.

Thanks again to Aditya and Mudit, Steve

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