Teiid: Cloud-native data virtualization.

Teiid allows you to quickly, consistently, and securely provide SQL client, OData, or REST access to a wide variety of sources.

Teiid is also a real-time integration engine that supports a high query volume, transactions, and end-to-end security.


Flexible Deployments on OpenShift

Don’t get tied into a single technology or platform. With Teiid on OpenShift, you have choices. Access data in the cloud or on-premise using developer tools or a graphical tool.

Data Virtualization Wizard

Visual data virtualization design tool

Teiid Syndesis lets you connect to, view, combine and secure your data and with proven Teiid technologies.

WildFly      Spring Boot

A Runtime For Everyone

Whether you use OpenShift or not, you have flexibility in how you run Teiid - in the WildFly Java EE Server, Spring Boot, or do whatever you need in Java.